IAKM 61095-006 Reflective Journal Week 5

I continued work on the interactive prototype “Lunch Money Buddy” using the Proto.io software.  Since I don’t have school aged kids (or know anyone who does) I wanted to do a little research into what foods kids are typically eating at school and how that information is displayed for parents. I looked through several school websites and was amazed at the information available to parents regarding schedules, menus and payments.

I used this research to build my menu prototypes.  I opted for a weekly menu for people with smaller phones or for users with difficulty reading small text. I also redid my navigation as I found my original plan for a upper level hamburger menu was frustrating to use especially within the menu pages.  The user would have to continually go up and down to move through the various menus if they have multiple children.  I went with a lower level icon menu that is much simpler to use.

I will continue working on the other home menu functions such as app settings, family profile, and account settings. This is a link to my draft so far:


-Janie Ralston


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