IAKM 60114: Module 3 Part 2

This week we finished up the eyetracking data review and wrapped up the course.  This assignment allowed students to see the results from an eyetracking usability study completed a couple of years ago on the usability of the Kent State University Library homepage where participants were tasked with suggesting the library purchase an item. Participants had a very hard time completing this task. I created three other tasks that would have tested this particular user group better as I felt the task at hand was better suited for faculty who might actually need to request the library purchase an item.

For this assignment I reviewed five short videos multiple times and looked at heat maps and gaze plots for the participants. It is interesting to see how each individual went about the task in a variety of ways.  The heat maps from the first few seconds showed most participants focused their attention to the same parts of the website. Only one participant of the five were successful in completing the task.  If a company is willing to throw cash at the initial investment of the eyetracking device and staff are willing to create and look at the data this type of usability testing could be crucial in determining the behavior of users on a given interface.