IAKM 60114: Mod 3 Part 1

We are nearing the end of the course and have focused in on eyetracking and usability. Through the reading and videos I learned what equipment is used and how to set it up. I was surprised by the Tobbii eyetracking technology because I assumed it was something large and not so mobile or flexible to use while conducting an eyetracking usability study.

I work as a library technician at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and we have a saying at the circulation desk, “people don’t read”. Our patrons are running around focused on other things and do not read signs (this is why we don’t post any) and sometimes do not listen to instructions. The textbook reading hit the nail on the head when the author discussed the way people look, but don’t necessary process like the example when you are looking in the fridge for the ketchup and don’t actually “see” the ketchup bottle even though your eyes did actually look at the bottle. I find this phenomenon fascinating and I am excited to learn more as the week progresses with my understanding of the results of the heat maps and provided data regarding the library page.


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