IAKM 60114: Module 2 part 2

The past two weeks were devoted to creating a mobile testing environment in an existing lab set up. Because mobile usability is so important to a company’s livelihood now that the vast majority of customers are visiting the site via mobile means they must take into account the way users access the website to ensure users are able to complete transactions and find company information easily and accurately from a cell phone or tablet.

I discovered usability testing for the mobile environment isn’t as straightforward as usability testing for a regular computer or a laptop. You have to take into consideration the different gestures, the different environments and the different pressures that may be put on a mobile user. The user may be in bright light, in a rush or unsure of the gestures required to use a specific website. Creating the means of capturing the mobile screen, gestures and facial expressions during testing isn’t easy. I followed the ingenuity of our readings and opted for a chip clip and rubber bands to tie my two cameras feeds together in an effort to capture as much information as I could in a mock mobile usability lab.

This assignment allowed for creativity and practice with professional writing with a detailed executive summary and report on our set up for a mobile usability lab.


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