UXD 60114: Week 3 Remote Testing

This week we analyzed data from the last 2 weeks’ assignments through Loop11. We were asked to create a short report of the findings through a presentation using screen capture software. This was a fun project because it makes me feel more connected to the instructor and my class via a KSUTube video rather than a discussion board post or a written summary of results.

For my results video I followed the basic format from our reading assignments for the organization and type of data collected. This report was very easy compared to the report for Usability 1 where we manually manipulated and gathered the information for a written report. Loop11 is a great remote testing tool because the data is gathered seamlessly by the software and the reporting tools far exceeded my expectations. In my last post I was worried the data extraction would be a pain, but it was not at all. The website for Loop11 allows you to download a PDF or an Excel file for manipulation or the creation of graphs.

The feedback I received from participants was pretty positive though I did see some flaws in my instructions and the links they were supposed to get to for a successful task. I think I could have been more detailed in my instructions to participants.


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