UXD 60114: Week 2

This week we tested the lengths my poor old computer could go! Loop.com proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated, but I was able to work through any issues after reading through the string of emails from the class. I like the Loop interface and the way it allows you to ask a variety of questions. I wanted to create a more customizable look, but it seems like they only give you one theme: the Loop11 theme. Creating remote testing scenarios is much more tricky than creating in person tests. You have to be very detailed with instructions as the user only has your descriptions of tasks to go on.

I am curious to see how easy (or not so easy) data extraction and analysis will be for next week. I liked this hands on project and found it simple to create a test once I figured out the correct option to choose from. Students created some interesting screeners and tasks, but for some reason Chrome does not treat all tasks equally. I had to attempt 6 or 7 tests to actually get through 3 of them. Hopefully the results help other students easily compile their data. I am not sure what an un-completed study looks like on the administrative side of the website. It would be interesting to see if people were unable to complete the entire study.


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