IAKM 60114: Week 1 Reflection

This week we looked at the pros and cons of remote usability testing. Many of the pros considered were financial incentives for companies to use usability testing because it has become a lot cheaper with tools like Skype and Go to Meeting. Just don’t leave the recorder on for 12 hours after the participant is done. Hehe!

Looking at the ways to recruit participants seems like an uphill battle. If I used Ethnio how many people would actually follow through with testing and participation? I think an important aspect to consider which the textbook brought up is the protection of participants’ privacy and information. For certain fields this is very important, in academic libraries we are bound to FERPA and must be very careful what information we release and use.

Another consideration is the lack of body language from remote research testing. These cons could be outweighed by the ability to actually perform usability testing if the company really can’t afford specialty software and technology to complete in person lab type testing that requires travel and other expenses.


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