UXD 60104: Mod 6

This weeks assignment was a great portfolio starter, we compiled the past five weeks lessons into one report analyzing the data from our previous weeks moderated videos. I chose to look at participants who had never ordered pizza online because the person I moderated for had the same experience so I felt I had more insight into these participants as I had seen one live.  I took copious observational notes and compiled the data into a spreadsheet as suggested by our reading. This made things a lot easier to see as I could more easily spot trends and errors made by each person.

The difficult thing about writing the report was finding my voice and tone, did I want to be harsh or helpful, nagging or suggestive? Also I had some difficulty choosing the tense to write in when describing the studies. I referred to professional studies written in periodicals and tried to follow that model. I enjoyed this project as it is a good deliverable for a workplace, I have had to compile data in small forms for the library I work at using graphs and charts, but nothing with so much background information.  This tool will certainly come in handy. I enjoyed this course and like the projects, they don’t feel like busy work, rather real life scenarios that help me in my current job and will help me in the future as a (hopefully) faculty librarian.


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