UXD 60104: Mod 3

This week we looked at how to recruit and filter participants for usability studies based on preferred behaviors and demographics. The customer is Papa John’s and based off their questions they wanted to know about their online ordering process for a specific skill sets of customers. Being an avid take out order-er I found this to be an interesting assignment because all online food ordering platforms are ridiculously complicated and make me want to eat a bowl of cereal instead! Our group got a late start and we were unable to provide each other with extensive feedback. I now know I need to check my email more often for this course (ack!).

This week was the most challenging by far at first glance, after going through the presentations and readings it made much more sense to me what we were looking for in participants. It is difficult to find participants for anything at the university library I work for. Our screening process looks like this: Do you like food? Do you like free food? Do you have your RebelCard (student id)? Ok you’re in. We complete some usability testing for our website, but I think learning the participants existing knowledge on the use of the website would be helpful for us. We want to website to work well for freshman AND faculty. Always a difficult balance.

I avoided any football analogies since I am apparently totally backwards on my knowledge haha. Now college basketball? That is a different story 😛


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