IAKM 60104 Usability I: Module 1 Reflection

The first week of Usability I looked at the background of usability in design and the reason why small scale usability testing is a better bet. In two pages I discussed the reasons why a small participant pool is better and used a business style plan to explain to stakeholders of “RedVelvet Cupcakes” why we should complete usability testing. In discussion I wrote about how usability testing is unlike traditional models of study because testers are looking at issues and can see about 85% of the major design issues using less than five study participants.  I can see why businesses would be uncomfortable basing design decisions on just five people. In college I was always taught to look at the relevance of data by how much was obtained, how many participants and who was conducting the tests, but these tests are looking to prove an idea. Usability testing is just looking at observations and did something occur or not during a given task.


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